Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin Hosts SNL, I draw pictures

Last night I tried an experiment of watching SNL and drawing little panels on index cards while watching it. Here's the results:

The opening skit parodied GOP debates, and the monologue was basically about how Alec Baldwin is breaking the record of most times hosting SNL. Steve Martin and Seth Rogen made guest appearances in the monologue.
The first skit (I think there was a fake commercial I missed) was a take on As the World Turns or some soap opera that is ending. Then there was a skit about an oblivious/botoxed reporter played by Kristen Wiig.

Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett reviewing movies on Weekend Update was pretty funny I thought, but the rest of WU was not as strong as sometimes.

 I missed a skit called "Who's on Top?" a game show about who would be on top if certain celebrities had gay sex, and I also didn't get a drawing done for the Top Gun DVD where everyone got to do their impressions. I think Bill Hader as Alan Alda is one of my favorite of those. Surprisingly the last two skits of the night where actually kind of funny.  One about Alec Baldwin on a date where his daughter is trying to get his attention and the other about soldiers dying and making improper last requests.

Overall I thought it was  pretty good premiere, and maybe will do the same thing again next week or with other tv shows.  If you want to see blurry photos as I draw them next week, check my twitter at

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  1. i finally watched the season premier, so i finally read these. i like how these work as single panel gags... without the context of the rest of the skit some of them are funny in a nonsensical way (or was i pushed?!?), and some actually read as real one panel comics, like something you might see in the new yorker (tell my son a cripple's not a full human being). looking forward to seeing more of these.